Remove YEARS off your appearance

Whether you are looking to remove fine lines, age spots, or wrinkles, ablation is the ideal modality.   Patients can elect either:

  • fractional treatments (much less down-time, but may need more than one treatment)
  • full-field treatment (a single treatment, but with longer recovery than fractional treatments)

In addition, many physicians are using the technology to resurface/revise scars.  The resulting tissue is not only more cosmetically pleasing, but also much more flexible/pliable to offer improved functionality and mobility.

The "Cool" Laser

Patients and doctors are raving about the MCL31 becuase of it's industry-leading "Cold" pulse.   With the very short 100micosecond pulse, patients report that they can barely feel the pulse nor the traditional "sunburn" effect afterward.  And, you can also use the longer pulses (up to 1000microseconds) for patients who need more intense collagen remodeling and/or have more severe wrinkles. Read more.

Dot HP: Higher Power, Higher Precision

The newest version of the SmartXide DOT has 50watts of power for faster procedures and greater depths for better range of treatments with immediate results and lower down-times.

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