2joule Q-switch



2J Tattoo Removal

The world’s highest powered, 4-wavelength tattoo removal laser

Zarin Medical is pleased to introduce the world’s highest power (2.0 joules in a single pulse!) Q-switched laser.  This is a FOUR wavelength system, which increase versatility and effectiveness.  The system is easily controlled via a computer tablet, which can store patient treatment information.  For safety and efficacy, it is the only system that has a calibration built into the console to insure that the four wavelengths’ high power is being delivered to the target.   And, it is made in the USA!

So, what is the big deal about the 2.0 Joules?

  • In a single pulse (not a “pulse train”), we generate double the power of competitive systems
  • Our 2.0 Joules of energy is specified at the skin! Competitors specify energy at top of laser deck (before arm) or at the end of arm (before handpiece), but not at the skin (which is the only place it matters).
  • Along with the extra power, it offers the industry’s largest 15mm spot size! (This means faster treatments and reach deeper pigment.)
  • Because of the high power, we can effectively use all four wavelengths to target various ink colors. Owners tell us that they get clearance in 40% fewer treatments.


And, this system is robust! It has been one of the most popular systems overseas for years because it has a very high reliability rating.

Let the results speak for themselves. 

Key Benefits

  • The highest energy tattoo removal system in the world
  • Documented history of efficacy and reliability
  • Four Wavelengths
  • Highest Beam Quality
  • No cooling required
  • Made in USA
  • Fewer Complications!



  • Spot Sizes: 2mm to 15mm, via “zoom” handpiece with collimated beam
  • Wavelengths: 1064, 532, 585 and 650 nm

  • Laser Source: Nd:YAG

  • Delivery System: Articulated Arm

  • Dimensions: 27″(66 cm) x 17″(43 cm) x 50″(124 cm)

  • Weight: 275 Lbs. (125 kg)

  • Power requirements: 120, 220 or 240VAC

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