Kansas OB/GYNs Unveil Innovative Juliet™ Rejuvenation, Boost Women’s Quality of Life

The eight board-certified OB/GYNs of Wichita's oldest independent OB/GYN practice pose for portraits.WICHITA, Kan. — The eight doctors at Wichita’s oldest independent OB/GYN practice are “enthusiastic and excited” about advancing women’s health care by introducing Kansas’s first Juliet™ laser treatment—the world’s most innovative vaginal rejuvenation technology.

Mid Kansas Women’s Center’s team of experienced Obstetrician/Gynecologists acquired the new Juliet™ feminine rejuvenation laser to provide gentle outpatient procedures for the advanced treatment and reversal of many symptoms of feminine aging. The center now provides a variety of traditional and progressive gynecology services, including vaginal rejuvenation treatments for laxity, dryness, leakage, and many other conditions.

“We are enthusiastic and excited about the benefits the Juliet provides women and the positivity it brings in terms of allowing women to feel good about themselves,” said Dr. Rhea A. Rogers. “The Juliet is extremely beneficial to women who cannot or will not take hormone therapy, and it restores a more youthful feeling to women—enhancing opportunities for intimate bonding among maturing couples.”

The Juliet™ vaginal rejuvenation laser from Zarin Medical incorporates Erbium:YAG laser technology, providing better results for many intimate feminine problems (including painful intercourse) than common CO₂ and RF lasers. The Juliet™ treatment is a fast, painless, and non-surgical in-office procedure that can yield noticeable results in one to three treatments with a low risk of side effects and minimal downtime.

“I have always felt compassion to have a positive influence in people’s lives by helping them understand how our bodies age and feel good about themselves,” said Dr. Rogers. “The Juliet treatment impressed me by providing quick results and a meaningful and encouraging impact that aligns with our mission. I have noticed great improvement to our patients’ overall quality of life as a result of the rapid physical changes in the vagina from Juliet treatments.”

Mid Kansas Women’s Center’s will soon expand its efforts to increase women’s access to leading feminine rejuvenation treatments. A special financial assistance program for women meeting certain income criteria to receive reduced-cost Juliet™ treatments (up to 50% assistance) is under development.

Women in the Wichita area currently suffering from intimate problems can now regain lubrication and elasticity, as well as reduce and eliminate painful intercourse, irritation, itching, and leakage. The new Juliet™ vaginal rejuvenation laser treatment is only available in Kansas at Mid Kansas Women’s Center.




About Mid Kansas Women’s Center

Mid Kansas Women’s Center (MKWC) has a staff of eight board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologists that provide all-inclusive women's health services in a relaxed environment with a focus on physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual care. MKWC’s is the area’s leader for women’s health care—from standard OB/GYN care and hormone replacement therapy to addressing common issues with age such as incontinence and sexual health. With two locations in Wichita, Kan., MKWC helps women regain confidence and feel better with a comprehensive approach for the entire health of each woman, combining conventional and functional treatment options with genuine concern and education for patients on their developing needs as bodies change.

For more information, visit http://www.mkwc.net.

About the Juliet™ Feminine Rejuvenation Laser

The Juliet™ feminine rejuvenation laser is available from Zarin Medical™. Zarin provides a suite of lasers for aesthetic procedures (hair removal, photorejuvenation, vascular conditions, etc.) and medical conditions (feminine rejuvenation, urogynecology, etc.). Contact Zarin toll-free at (844) 927-4600 or visit www.ZarinMedical.com for more information.




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