The Secret is Out: Reversing the Symptoms of Vaginal Aging is Finally Possible With the New Juliet Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLA -May 25, 2016 Laser Skin & Wellness Center is excited to bring to Florida the latest technology to help turn back the hands of time of female aging. The Juliet™ procedure helps to reverse the effects often associated with female aging and childbirth. Women with symptoms such as leakage, laxity, itchiness and pain have reported real relief from these and other problems by the Juliet laser treatment. Juliet is a fast, painless vaginal rejuvenation treatment performed in-office, with low risk of side effects and minimal downtime. The laser treatment takes approximately 15 minutes and can be performed without the need for anesthesia. The rejuvenation is done without incisions or sutures, so there usually is no down time after treatment.

“I have been in gynecology practice for 24 years. Rarely do I get a lot of enthusiasm from the patients and their results with the hormone creams, tablets and rings. You don’t get the ‘wow’ effect. Those treatments take time for a consistent, gradual change. With the Juliet laser there is a certain ‘wow’ effect. Dramatic changes happen with the Juliet and patients are genuinely excited,” said Dr. Samuel Lederman, Co-Director of Laser Skin & Wellness. “Women who have had two or three kids and have a tendency to leak urine used to have a panic before laughing or sneezing. When that leakage problem is gone, they are blown away… they are amazed.”

A recent patient of Dr. Lederman had frequent urination that she could not control. She had to urinate 10-12 times an hour. She stated “I had to go so often, that I could sometimes not make it to the bathroom during a polo match. I would have to urinate between cars.” After the first Juliet treatment, she noticed “instant results the first day”. After the second treatment, she had a 70 percent improvement and could enjoy the entire polo match without having to urinate. Her husband stated with a smile on his face, “I am also enjoying the other changes. There is a difference in the lubrication and snugness, so that is a positive change as well.”                                 

Reduction in the Laser Skin Solutions Staffsymptoms of feminine aging usually can be observed immediately after the first Juliet treatment. Juliet patients at Laser Skin & Wellness Center report regained elasticity, lubrication, thickness, and softness, reduced and eliminated itching, irritation and pain during intercourse, and reduced leakage. Because Juliet’s beneficial effects continue after the treatment, many women report further improvements in the post-treatment months.

"As both a physician trained in the use of laser therapy and an actual Juliet patient, I can attest that the Juliet has shown real clinical benefits for my patients and me." said Dr. Gloria Hakkarainen, Co-Director of Laser Skin & Wellness.

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